interactive SMS marketing campaign

You can use an interactive SMS marketing campaign to maximize the sales turnover ratio. It is the most cost effective method of modern marketing. Keeping in touch with your prospective and existing customer is very important if you want to stay in business in the long run. Read further to know its advantages.

Widen your marketing database

You can get your prospective customers / existing customers to reach you by just remembering a short code. This facility offers you the advantage of connecting with your prospective customers even when you did not have their number to send Bulk Send ERC20 tokens a promotional SMS. This database of numbers is even more valuable because these are people who are interested in the product or service you offer. So your sales conversion ratio from this database will definitely be much higher than the database you bought from some other source. To arouse interest in your target audience you can run contests asking your audience to respond with correct answers.

Convenient advertising

The keyword you use in your bulk SMS campaign can be a reason why people remember you. There can be many diet food companies but usage of the right keyword can ensure that your prospective customers remember you and you become their first obvious choice whenever they need the product or service you are offering. For example, if you supply diet food then having a keyword ‘DIET’ will be the ideal word for people to remember and contact you when they think of diet food.

Brand building

Using the keyword you have advertised as a sender ID in the promotional bulk SMS you send will just help you in further brand building. Keep sending information like tips, and ‘did you know’ facts about your industry and your target audience will in a short while start trusting and referring to your tips. After a while they may want to send enquiries too. Accept these enquiries and send an appropriate response. This will help you in winning over your audience’s trust. Interactive bulk SMS campaign can only help you further in brand building.Simple customer service enquiries via interactive bulk SMS
Via interactive SMS you can accept and answer simple queries which only involve information sharing from your end. Just like banks these days communicate account balance over SMS. This facility will give your customer a convenient and speedy method to get their queries answered. Good service = Good reputation.

Personalized response for better customer loyalty
You can send a personalized response with the recipient’s name, and recipient’s account specific information. This personal touch in your interactive bulk SMS campaign will make the audience feel that somebody has personally checked information they asked for and have responded. This red carpet treatment is something everyone wants. When you giSSve your target audience what they want they will automatically stay with you longer, even if you are not offering your product or service at the best market price..There are many more benefits of an interactive bulk SMS campaign which you make use of and deliver the promising results.