Know About A R5 DIGITAL Remote Control Golf Trolley

The Nikon ML-L3 is a small remote control that works with the Nikon D40 and many other Nikon cameras.

I guess the main purpose for getting one would be to appear in photos that you take. It is also useful when you are shooting on a tripod and you do not want to introduce camera shake by touching the shutter button. Yes, it is also possible to set the timer function on the camera to 2 or 10 seconds to do this, but this remote control makes it somewhat easier. You can also capture exactly the moment you want, which you cannot do with a timer.

There are two modes on the Nikon D40 for using rolling code transmitter the ML-L3. The first is the instant remote triggering. In this mode, the camera takes the shot as soon as it receives the signal from the remote. This is good for shooting something when your camera is on a tripod or similar. The second mode is 2 seconds delayed triggering. In this mode, the camera takes the shot 2 seconds after the signal from the remote. As you can guess, this is meant so you can be in the picture without your outstretched arm pointing at the camera. You point the remote at the camera, press the button, the camera then gives you 2 seconds to tuck your arm away.

If you have just bought an ML-L3 and it doesn’t work with your Nikon camera, don’t get upset, it is very probably not broken: The camera settings need to be changed to use the ML-L3. For the Nikon D40, simply go into the Custom Setting menu (pencil icon) and then to 04 – Shooting Mode. Choose Quick-response remote or 2s Delayed remote. To set the time duration in which the remote is enabled, go to the Custom Setting Menu, item 17: Remote on duration. You can choose between 1, 5, 10 and 15 minutes, after this time, the camera will go back into the previous shooting mode. If only items 1-6 are available in the Custom Setting Menu, then your Setup is set to the Simple mode. To enable the full menus, go into the Setup Menu (wrench icon) and then CSM/Setup menu. Choose Full to display all of the available options.

This remote control works using infrared, and therefore the infrared receiver on the camera needs to “see” the infrared light on the remote control. This means normally it works only when they have “line of sight”. Since the infrared receiver is on the handgrip of the D40 pointing to the front of the camera, normally you can only trigger it from the front side of the camera. Indoors, you can often trigger it from the back because the infrared light will bounce off the walls.

It comes with a small pouch that can be mounted on the strap of the D40. Since it does not weigh anything, you hardly notice the small weight on the strap, and it is always there when you need it, you don’t have to think to take it with you. Thoughtful touch.